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FOX News
Dec 5, 2012 12:00am PST
bravo have her do this. >> you tell them it is a reality show and they will go voluntarily. that's how they created "jersey shore." there wasn't any "jersey shore." they won't even let you into the city, bill. >> there are plenty of scum villages in the united states. you just never heard of them because you have never been to scum village. you wouldn't understand scum village. i myself lived in the slop bucket district with rowanda, shaquifa and george. i thought it was great. they learned a lot. they shot a principal who had a heroin addiction. i was on the upper eastside at the time. they learned a lot. >> they did. i think they should call this irresponsible land. we are talking about people who are irresponsible. >> we can't arrest them. everything is legal over there. if you are doing drugs what would be illegal sex acts over here, that's completely fine. >> it is exactly what i wanted in life. i want to live in a world where the road warrior takes place. you drive out and you can find this place surrounded by trucks and you have to open them up and all of this weird stuff is goi
FOX News
Dec 13, 2012 12:00am PST
yes, sure. >> was that a "caroline in the city" knockoff? >> no, she went back to her old high school as the guidance counselor so it was ms. guided. only seven episodes, but it is funny. >> i miss the secondary characters from "caroline in the city." >> they were bril ebbet why. >> i don't even remember this for a fact, but she had a gay friend, right? >> no. that was back when they would do the shows where the guy was clearly gay, but he was straight. i remember toward the end of the series they started to have an affair. >> he was artsy, right? >> he was artsy, but behind the scenes he slept with maddie. he would play guys that weren't gay, but there was something a little prent about that. >> that raises a question. why isn't jim jay bullock not a regular on "red eye"? somebody must represent him. >> we will find him. >> who ever is sitting next to him at the med that -- methadone clinic, call us. >> greg, you said the anchor woman was ray c ho n-hi. nobody knows the relation. >> she was a related -- >> no, she was a descendant. >> she retired earlier this year. she was also known
FOX News
Dec 15, 2012 11:00pm PST
city . our nation is in shock over the senseless and unspeakable tragedy that took place in newtown, connecticut. the shooter killed his mother in her home and then to a elementary cool where he gund down 20 opportunitis and teach ares before he took his own life . molly? nthe community has been pulling together since this horrific massacre. there are numerous vigils and we are getting word that president obama is it joining the community and an interfaith vigil. ther joining together and healing the community. it is it a difficult and long road ahead when you think about the victims in this case. and so many lives lost and 12 little girls and eight little boys and six women. two of the women killed were so young. beginning their careers in education . in their twens and one just 30 years old and all of these women trying to protect the children. the youngest victim named noah. you look at the list of the children's names and the names you hear in classrooms all over america. charlotte, and anna, and daniel. tiny little people cut down before they so much much life. that's what pres
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3